Women in film

donderdag 20 juni 2024 , 20:00 - 21:45 uur

This evening; ‘IN Dance CO. curates a Dance Evening called ‘Women in Film’ featuring works by four female leading dance/film artists: Nicola Hepp, Isabelle Nelson, Alicia Anais Fuentes Sifuentes & Claire de Caluwe.

Bar&kitchen open from 18:00

Screening: 20:00 - 20:45

Artist Q&A: 21:00 - 21:30


11 min 24 sec | Nicola Hepp

A woman walks slowly through a dark, untouched forest. She is following someone in the distance, someone she can’t quite make out. Or is the other actually following her? Too late, the woman regrets a desperate attempt to escape her pursuer. As she starts to understand and approaches the point of no return, she is lured into making a dire decision.


15 min, 32 sec | IN Dance Co/Isabelle Nelson

More than a longing or inexplicable nostalgia, Saudade is a tribute to one man’s search for identity and home. In the aftermath of the Pandemic, a professional dancer is left with the stark reality of long covid, and life in a country whose language he does not speak.


5 min, 45 sec | IN Dance Co/Isabelle Nelson

A short film depicting the journey of two individuals connected together through the symbolism of the rope - intertwined and interwoven in their paths; they play on the edges of bondage and freedom. This film depicts subtle aspects of control, transgression, submission and surrender capturing both visible outer transformations and private inner ones.


The Dermis
8 min | Claire de Caluwe & Justin Bekker

‘The Dermis’ is a poignant short film delving into the act of embracing, a tender gesture of comfort and connection. It explores the discomfort of feeling out of place in one's own skin, as layers of expectation cloak our true selves. Through a journey of unfolding vulnerability, the film seeks unity and reconciliation, inviting viewers to contemplate what it means to truly embrace oneself.

Special thanks to: Peter Jan Wittebol, Siena Verber, Lunggsu Yen, Huy Lee


5 min | Conni Trommlitz

We create to find something inside, not to show something to the outside. We try to be the best version of ourselves. The consequence is that it might inspire other people and help them to find their way.

Dance is a tool

Dance is a way of being in the current world.

Dance is a way of life. We are planning our life around dance.

Dancers: Alicia Anais Fuentes Sifuentes & Yvonne Smink | Styling: Evita Rigert | Filming assistent: Jasper Bruijns


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