Amsterdam Migrant Women and healthcare

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Today we are invited at the introduction session of Allerzorg.

We are six migrant women from Amsterdam and the director of Theater Foudnation Papiapodia
This organization is one of the biggest healthcare organizations in the Netherlands.
with a large variety of jobs, at all levels. Think of nurses, helpers, carers, district nurses and children nursery specialists.
Actually there is a big demand for staff in the healthcare sector. Especially for elderly care and children care. Nowadays,
elderly live longer and professional care for them and for children moves quickly from a hospital to the home situation.
If you are interested in more information about a job in the healthcare, you can contact a ROC, healthcare in your area. For those who have level 2 or 3 and who would like to research whether they are suitable for a position in the healthcare sector, contact your client manager at the municipality. If you have a level 3 care program, you can contact Allerzorg directly. here they will identify what you want, what you need and from which moment.. Based on this conversation, they will look at who fits well with your request within their team. For example the domestic help will make work arrangements with you in a first appointment. 
Many thanks to Congada Foundation, Cleopatra Foundation and Allerzorg for making this possible.

Author: Sharynné Martijn

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